Running Wild

Park it like it’s hot. 


I love living in Richmond. I really do.

HOW EVER. There are two things I’m not appreciating so much.

         1. It is humid as all hell.

And 2. Parallel parking (aka how I’m the only one good at it)

I can’t really do much about the humidity other than whine, cry, and complain about it.

Parallel parking here is kind of ridiculous and I don’t ever curse as much as I do when I’m trying to find an open spot. So, in the spirit of city living, I have created a simple steps by step guide to finding a parking spot in RVA.

1. Drive to your destination.

2. Briefly scout the area for open spots.

3. Circle the block once.

4. Curse.

5. Circle the block again.

6. Curse.

7. Curse some more because you realize that every car on your street is spaced out taking up 1.5 spots.

8. Drive down the street a little ways.

9. Make a U-turn.

10. Find an open spot on the opposite side of the street which you were just on.

11. Curse.

12. Make another U-turn.

13. Find the spot you saw.

14. Realize it looked a lot wider from the other side of the street.

15. Curse.

16. Drive down the street a little ways.

17. Finally find an open spot but it looks a little small but you say “Why not?” Because you’ve been saying that a lot these days and you squeeze your little blue Chevy between two other cars.

18. Get out and inspect your park job.

19. Self five because you totally just rocked that park job.

20. Walk to your destination. 

21. Find a spot that just opened up directly in front of your destination.

22. Curse.

I wish you all the best of luck in all your future parallel parking endeavors.